What are disciple making movements?

A Disciple Making Movement (DMM) is when God uses ordinary people to start a Kingdom movement among a people/city/region. Forgetting tradition, people use simple Biblical strategies so that every disciple is making disciples, groups of disciples (churches) birth new groups of disciples, and leaders reproduce leaders. It reaches the “movement” stage when this is consistently happening 4 generations and beyond. [Stan Parks]

DMM is both a label of a phenomenon as well as a way of ministry.  We label this rapid growth of new disciples and churches as DMM, but by studying and emulating the way in which these movements come about, we have discovered principles present in all movements.  This strategy of ministry is reverse engineered from divine movements – what we call DMM are these critical elements that have been compiled from actual movements.

The primary engine of these movements are DISCOVERY BIBLE STUDIES – which are simple and reproducible groups that consist of spiritually interested people who read a Bible story together, discover what it says about God and man, and then are presented with the simple and transforming challenge to obey what they read there.

Here is a longer explanation: Movements of God_Summary

Check out the 4 Videos below for further explanation